emma belford.

Me and Noah

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Why do guys these days like being the little spoon?


Wish I had fake boobs!


Anonymous asked: do you like dirty pics sent to you?

No not really

Anonymous asked: Emma you are absolutely beautiful. That pic of you infront of that car is stunning, as well as all your nude pics :)

Thanks cuteness!

Need someone to come clean my room! ASAP! Haha

Anonymous asked: I just wanna say I would fuck you senseless and be your daddy - you can be my little whore and I will slide my long think cock inside all of your holes and pound you hard, rough and fast until you cream all over my cock

Humans like you need to die!

Anonymous asked: anon thinks you're pretty fuckin awesome and is here for you.

Thank you! I enjoy that!

New car

It’s funny when I’m lonely and sad no one is there for me but when everyone else is upset or feeling alone I’m always there for them


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Anonymous asked: More grey kitty photos, please.

I had to give him away :’( little frank!